I teach women how to create a profitable online business doing what they love.






















I teach mompreneurs how to create a profitable online business doing what they love.

Do you want to create an online business doing what you love?

Not sure how to start? Or even what to teach?

Worried about not having the tech, marketing or sales skills or experience?


I help and empower women, specifically moms; working moms, stay at home moms, and single moms (I am all three!) to transform into mompreneurs by:

  • Finding your WHY and purpose
  • Discovering your unique skill set.
  • Packaging your skills, expertise and passion to share with the world by creating profitable digital products that you can make money from the comfort of your home and in your time.


My mission is to remove all the doubts, overwhelm, frustrations, and anxiety that you may be feeling now and make a positive impact in your life by simplifying the whole process for you through step-by-step follow through modules, worksheets and blueprints.


No matter what your background is, where you live, or what niche you specialize in, whether you are a career coach, an influencer, a blogger, a stylist, a cook, a fitness coach, a mom that loves to make arts and crafts, a make-up artist, the list is endless and can go on and on, I have created this course for YOU!

Ready To Take Action?

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  • Learn what is a digital product

  • Discover 20 simple digital products that you can sell online (that people want)

    About Me

    Born in Beirut, Lebanon, raised in London, UK most of my life, and currently living in Dubai, UAE for past 20 years, I am a positive mixture of sorts :-)


    Holding a Bachelor of Honors Degree from Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, London UK, I have over 20 year's experience in marketing, branding, digital products & communications.


    A proud single mother of two amazing kids that teach me a lot, I am so happy to have recently discovered my WHY, my purpose in life, which is to serve and help other women like me to be able to do what they want and love. If I can do it, then so can YOU!

    My Services

    As a seasoned marketing consultant, I have helped many businesses and people successfully brand themselves online, whether through one-to-one consultations or by learning through my customized courses.


      Social Media Management is not only about creating posts and posting them, it is far more than that. Social media for a business should represent your brand soul essence. It's about getting you noticed by the right people, growing your audience and engaging with them to help you grow.


      Copywriting is essential because it drives profitability, earns a ROI and achieves your business' goals by convincing your target customer that your product offering will solve their need and offer them value. It is not only important to understand sales but also human psychology to write converting copy and that is something I pride myself of.


      After working in various industries and managing/building multiple brands, I have learnt a lot of tricks and secrets that can't be found through a google search. My mission is to share this with you and teach you how to create your own online profitable course in any niche or industry.


      Building a personal brand should be your priority if you want to survive in this digital era. I have been helping people create their personal brands for the last 20+ years and use proven systems to define your brand soul essence.

    My 3 Step Battle Tested Process


    Teach you how to:

    • Discover your 'why'

    • Validate your niche

    • Outline your customer avatar

    • Research and validate your idea

    • Define your brand soul essence

    • Create your brand guide

    • Use emotion mapping to make your brand unique, real and relatable


    Show you how to:

    • Create a content plan easily so it becomes part of your everyday ritual

    • Create your first lead magnet

    • Build the most important asset of your business, your email list!

    • Create your first digital product

    • Build a simple sales funnel that converts


    Grow your tribe by:

    • Targeting using FB ads

    • Using affiliate networks & influencer impact

    • Building brand collaborations 

    • Nurturing communities through social media 

    • Using modern marketing techniques vs. traditional marketing techniques

    Let's get started together?

    Interested in building a thriving online business but feeling confused what will work for you? No worries! Click the button below to schedule a free break-through strategy session with Rania to find the best option for you. No strings attached.



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